Civil wedding in Venice, wedding photographer and planner Venice

Venice is beautiful, and even after hundreds of visits it does not bother me, this unique city with its canals and narrow streets, far away from hiking trails, is one of my favorite cities in Italy. In Venice, I do not use transport, and every time I go walk, I get lost in the labyrinth of streets, and eventually I lost, make breathtaking circles, returning to the starting point, sometimes bumping into already familiar places, and more often discover something new for myself ... Suffering topographic cretinism, it is very easy to get lost, and after years, every time coming to this amazing city, I will never find a road that seemed to be already walked dozens of times ... Therefore, when customers ask me what route we are let's go making a photo walk, I answer - let's go somewere, and if we get lost - it will be fine, because tourists go practically only on the signs, trodden paths, so there is another Venice, with deserted streets, where occasionally you can meet only local residents walking children, dogs and fat cats, and such lost ones as I am.

So the wedding of this wonderful couple took place, and although I worked all day in the heat and was terribly tired, but from this day I had only pleasant impressions! The day began with a romantic shooting at 6 am, which lasted until 8, and then we parted for our own affairs, to rest and prepare for the wedding. And at noon we met on the Rialto Bridge and together with the guests went on foot to walk to San Marco Square, and then to the Palazzo Cavalli, where took place the official registration of my couple's marriage. After the marriage ceremony, we with the newlyweds went to ride a gondola, which brought us to the hotel, where passed an wedding aperitif. When the aperitif was over, a water taxi drove us across the bay to the island of Lido di Venezia, to the restaurant, where was held a wedding reception and a wedding dinner, with the participation of the presenter and the singer with an entertainment program.

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Civil wedding in Venice, wedding photographer in Venice

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