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Wedding in Italy wedding photographer and planner in Italy

Welcome to my website, devoted to your wedding in Italy!


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My name is Olga Novoselova Franco, I am a professional wedding photographer in Italy, and also I am a wedding planner in Italy, the most beatiful and romantic country of the world. I work  with a  great pleasure to present to couples in love imprinted in photoes a fine history of love, happiness, delight, I find wonderful places for shooting of the wedding stories. I work in Italy and through the whole Europe. Weddings in Italy are attractive with it is impressive pictures of nature: Alps, mountain, lakes, Mediterranean sea, castles, medieval architecture and indipendently of a season Italy is always beautiful and diverse, and it is the most beautiful  decoration for the wedding in Italy.There is a lot of weddings that were organized and photographed in the most beautiful places of Italy. I can suggest shooting service in the every corner of Europe. Also my services include wedding planning in Italy, organization and shooting of individual travels above  this amazing country. I can suggest my services as  a professional photographer in shooting of babies and whole families. Every time, working for you, I try to bring to my business a dale of romance. I help to creat and save the best moments of your life with photoes. You can read about me, my work and my services below. My business is my lovely work and I give to it whole my soul and heart of the professional not only a photografer but an artist.