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Many couples dreams about the wedding in Italy, but even not try to bring their dream into their life, because consider  mistakenly that the wedding in Italy is an expensive pleasure.

Dream it and act, the wedding in Italy can cost  you quite a small amount if you trust the organization of the wedding to the conscientious  professional wedding planner in Italy!

Not always possible to organize the wedding independently not speaking the language and not knowing the peculiarities of the mentality. Therefore the experienced  and honest  wedding  organizer is necessary for you. And although you need to pay the services of the organizer your wedding with his help will cost you quite a small amount,  than you ‘ll organize  your wedding  in a foreign country for you by yourself, and you’ll save not only your money, but your nerves and your time.

On April I was contacted by Kate, she asked if it’s possible to organize the wedding in Italy laid in a very modest sum, and asked me to be their wedding photographer in Italy. Before it she tried to look for locations/restaurants for the wedding herself, requested budget, but they called her a huge amount, and  didn’t reply  at all (it’s the normal practice in Italy).

I decided  to help her; the wedding  must  take place at the beach necessarily.  At first we have chosen the regions that suited by the location, that is, the coastal zones. We  looked for the locations and coasts through the regions, conditions and readiness from the  side of locations to meet  to all our wishes. We have chosen Amalfi coast as a place for the wedding ceremony and celebration.

Despite the fact that the prices at this zone are high, I found a fine  location at  the beach that suited us in all respects and it  had a very ,VERY low coast. Strange but true!

Omitting details, I’ll say only that the young marrieds and their guests and I myself  were very pleased with this restaurant, their attitude to their customers, their  chic delicious dinner and their surprises for us!

All the service providers ( DJ, confectioner, florist ) were high professional and conscientious, I worked with them  first time and I’ll work with them with pleasure in the future. Besides that I could reach agreement with them about  maximum discounts for my young pair.

As a result  for the very  little money we could  arrange a beautiful and merry  celebration!

So, I’ll tell you a little about this wonderful  youth wedding.

I came to Salerno near the midday, arrived to the hotel  to my bride where have already began her fees. Our stylist Tania combed her.

Everybody was going with their business, the girlfriends of the bride  laughed  and photographed  beautiful  Kate. I’ve just  taken pictures. Previously I called the providers and convinced that everything goes according   to plan, everything is delivered in time and the location  is decorated  in accordance with the timing...

After preparation we sent the guests to the restaurant by bus, ordered a taxi for us and photographed ourselves near the hotel.

On Kate’s arrival to the restaurant  the beautiful floral arch at the water’s edge, handsome groom, merry guests, curious as children locals waited her at the beach.

During of our short photo shooting at the beach the workers of the restaurant  brought  unexpectedly a huge picture frame for us. Apparently they liked  beauty bride  too much.

Then the ceremony began, everybody  was so merry, so happy  and  satisfied that the evening  flew like a flash.

Everybody danced, played, we  launched to the sky Chinese paper lanterns , then the master of the restaurant organized for us surprise fireworks.

Here’s the wedding we turned on Amalfi coast!

Symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach on the Amalfi Coast, Italy