Wedding in Sicily, wedding photographer Taormina, Palermo, Sicily

This wedding is completely organized and filmed by me, in the city of Taormina on the island of Sicily. It was a trip, stretching for three days, there was a lot of work, but for me it was a pleasure to work with this couple. On the first day was planned a pre-wedding romantic photo session, the couple met me in Palermo and we went by car to the city of Agrigento where we hoped to have time to shoot the love story at Scala dei Turchi and in the of Valle dei Tempi (where, of course, we did not get before the dark). Having traveled from the north of the island to its south, through such places, not touched from civilization, as Corleone, and not finding on the way a bar to drink coffee, we reached a delightfully beautiful white rock - Scala dei Turchi (Turks Staircase), which we chose as a location for our romantic photography. At the risk of stumbling and falling down from a steep rock, the bride jumped on the steps of this giant staircase, while I was taking pictures and also equal taking risks) The time passed by unnoticed, and after dark, we started to move to the place of the upcoming wedding, in Taormina, to east of the island; Valle dei Tempi, a complex of ruins of ancient Greek temples, we could see only from below, from the motorway, and this is a remarkably beautiful sight - majestic ancient ruins in an artificial night illumination ... Late in the evening we finally arrived to Taormina. The next morning we began to prepare for the ceremony. The ceremony took place on a large terrace with a panoramic view of the sea and a small island of Isola Bella, and dinner was held on the lower terrace, the location is a beautiful historic villa built in the style of a medieval castle, with an excellent restaurant and service. The bridesmades prepared a video surprise, and then there were speeches, games and dances. And the next day, closer to the sunset, we took another small photo shoot on the beach, because on the wedding day we did not have time to take the romantic part of the shooting)) Based on my personal experience, now I can advise to my brides the beautiful island of Sicily for an unforgettable wedding, its most beautiful locations, with delicious local food and wines, and low prices.

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