Wedding photo shoot on beach in Italy, wedding photography Sanremo

This wedding photo shoot was filmed in the city of the Festival of Song, Sanremo, on the Costa Azzurra, western Liguria. We drove the newlyweds to the medieval village of Bussana Vecchia, which has preserved its pristine medieval appearance, it is located high in the mountains above the sea. We walked leisurely and took pictures, because the tourists there are not much; we met the fat goose, who considers himself a dog - asks the tourists for something to eat, persistently \r\npursues and staring people in the eyes, bowing his head :)) And even tries to climb into the bags, checking whether he was given everything that was edible. Later, we met his owner, it turned out that she was holding him as a companion, as a dog. Awesome goose)) After a walk in the borgo of Bussana Vecchia we went down to Sanremo, walked around the casino and along the waterfront, and at sunset finished our photo shooting on the beach, amidst a pile of rock fragments protecting the beach from the waves.

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